Remember when I won the spiderweb lottery blocks at my guild meeting in June? I felt like the luckiest gal alive.


I knew I needed to make a few more spiderweb blocks, sure. And I had a funky buttload of string scraps to use (even after Roy G. Zig). I felt sure that my beloved and much-coveted spiderweb quilt was close at hand. A quick finish!


Say it with me, in a Borat voice: NOT.


My first problem with this quilt I knew before I even left my guild meeting. This is a block that requires very consistent measuring and piecing to make all the star points meet correctly. If any one of my guild members had made 30 spiderweb blocks, all 30 of theirs would have made a perfect quilt. As it was, I had 16 blocks made by different hands, and the star points were just not going to all meet. This is the blessing and curse of bee quilts. I’m SO bowled over by the blessing of owning a quilt made by some of the most talented quilters in my geographic region, don’t get me wrong. But our points don’t match.

I know, call the quilt police.


My second issue with this quilt was that given my current quilting commitments (Penny Sampler, Phoenix Twins, two bees, some guild stuff, and holiday sewing looming ominously) I just knew I couldn’t scrape together many more spiderweb blocks. OK, I couldn’t do ANY more spiderweb blocks.

But then you brilliant people out there on the quilternet saved the day! Kelie of Craft Nurse Quilt posted this amazing finish on Flickr. I was struck by the fact that I didn’t HAVE to make 14 more spiderweb blocks! I could make more blocks, sure, but I could do them however the heck-o I wanted!

Then enter Kelly’s fabulous Serendipity scrap quilt, and the rainbow blocks Mary’s churning out. Why not some easy-peasy improv log cabiny blocks? Paintbox style? Around the edges? Quick, scrap-hoovering, perfect.


This plan looked fabulous and was so fun. Enter problem #3: then when I attached my sashing and improv blocks, the top wouldn’t lay flat. No amount of steam could flatten the sucker into submission.

So I thought, fine, okay, I’ll just stipple this bad boy and call it a day. HA. Problem #4. My backing wrinkled up twice and my front wrinkled up once before I had even an eighth of the quilt stippled. Then I spent a whole naptime watching a trashy movie and spitefully seam-ripping.

I finally gave in and straight line quilted it


and called it a day.

(I’m ignoring problem #5 I ran short of backing on one corner, problem #6 it’s not at all square, and problem #7 the first time I went to take photos of this they all turned out blue wth?)

You guys?


I love this hot mess of a quilt.

Thanks to the SMQG who made the blocks, and all of you who inspired me along the way! This is going to be my happy-times snow-days cuddle quilt this winter, I know it.