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Not of the batting! No, I left quilt guild this morning feeling like THE WEENER. (My husband’s family says this, like “I’m the winner,” only, “weener.” ahem.)

Back in October, I joined the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild. Seacoast MQG - 3I wasn’t quite sold on the idea of a guild–doesn’t the quilt blog community provide enough–well, community? I’m so, so glad I joined! Turns out, it’s much more exciting and inspiring to pet real quilts and coo over fabrics with real live people. True story!

If you haven’t yet joined your local branch of the MQG, please seriously consider it. Even if you’re a wallflower. (Surprise! I think most quilters really are wallflowers.)

Because after some meetings, you leave feeling like THE WEENER.



Here are the two spiderweb blocks I made for this month’s block lottery. One of our guild members selects a block and a color scheme every month. Bring a buck, and a block, and each block/buck you get earns you an entry in the raffle. We’re putting our proceeds towards our guild’s entry fee to the national MQG. I think we’ve raised about $40 so far, which is not insignificant. This month…



I won the blocks! There are 16 so far. I’m thinking that means I need to make 14 or 15 more and make a big ol’ spiderweb quilt.

I also went home with this pile of gorgeous:



That’s Indian Summer by Sarah Watson for Art Gallery Fabrics, with some coordinating Kona solids chosen and donated by Peg from Sew Fresh Fabrics. Sarah Watson donated the fabric bundles to our guild for us to use in charity quilts. We split the pile and are going to make four baby quilts, round-robin style. I get to start by making the center medallion! I’m so excited to work with these materials, they are gorgeous.

And then, Echino Christmas.



The same member of our guild who’s organizing the block lottery also pulled together an Echino fabrics swap. Eight people each bought one print. We cut fat quarters or eighths and swapped. Now I have this gorgeous pile, all for me. I’ve never had any Echino before, it’s always seemed too expensive for me. Now, to cut and not be paralyzed by the “special.”

Are you in a guild? Do you love it? What kinds of fun swaps/bees/round robins/other fabric fun does your guild do?