Fun fact: Vancouver-ish BC to Boston-ish MA is about 3160 miles. Google Maps says it would take me 47 hours to drive it. (Fun-ner fact: I highway-drive like a granny, so it would probably take me 55.)

SONY DSCYou may remember the sewing machine cover that I sent to Samantha at Making Life Prettier. This past Saturday the cover she made for my Janome showed up, and it is so amazing.



She paper-pieced the swirl of flying geese (one of my very favorite quilting motifs) from some little strip-pieced segments, and then used the scraps for the borders. Look at her precise outline quilting around those geese!



The back is even better. I’m 99% sure that she doesn’t even know that one of my favorite quotes in all of English-language literature is about “little houses.” It’s from These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder (yep): Almanzo asks Laura to marry him, and talks about the house he’ll build her. He warns her,

“‘…It will have to be a little house. Do you mind?’ ‘I have always lived in little houses. I like them,’ Laura answered.”

In New England, I know that if I have a house of my own at all, it will have to be a little house. And really, I like little houses! It’s so amazing to me that Samantha fussy cut the phrase “little house” from Violet Craft’s Memoir print (maybe my favorite fabric, ever) and put it in my machine cover. (Look back at the top photo for the best detail.)

I had fun playing I-Spy for my favorite fabrics, too. I see Chicopee, Architextures, Waterfront Park, Tsuru, Lizzy House, and so many more.

Samantha backed the cover in a print from Flea Market Fancy (again, a real favorite), and bound it in a print from DS’s new line, Florence.



What a useful print that Florence binding looks to be! (adds to never ending to-buy list)

And to top it off, Samantha sent me two vintage zips, some hardware to make Lucy a bag like the ones she made for her littles, a precious Echino scrap from her Super Tote, and an Ellen Luckett Baker Stamped Ladybug scrap.

I feel so blessed that, despite the 3160 miles between us, I have a true sewing friend. What an amazing swap this has been!

Read Samantha’s post about this cover here.