Stuff is happening here.

I’m hoping to share some more pictures of good stuff soon. A finished quilt (that you’re probably tired of looking at–I’m about there, myself!); a passel of knits that have been backing up since I went on vacation in April; a few new projects I want to start.

But for now all I have is scraps (and, don’t look, an unfinished Lucy sweater in a Ziplock bag, on the left)



and a pile of THANKS for you-all. I won the Festival of Strings contest, hosted by Rachel @ Stitched in Color. And there were some miiighty good quilts in that hundred-or-so entries. (Some miiighty good quilts that I’m dying to copycat, with ample credit where it is due of course, too.) Many thanks to everyone who voted for my rainbow quilt, and to Rachel, and the MOST thanks to the Warm Company, for the roll of batting they’re sending my way!

I also got an email from Joanne at Rose and Dahlia that I won a copy of the Roly Poly Pinafore pattern, by Rachael at imagine gnats. Lucy needs a few of these, for sure! I’m busily sifting through imagined fabric combos for this pattern. I love, love that the contrast fabric that you choose actually shows!

Stick around. More than scraps coming soon.