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Yeah, so, I’ve been on a roll.

But I’m done now. I promise. (Until I finish my Rikke hat. Heh.)

This little lovely came together so quickly with the help of a Twister ruler, and Aimee of Salt Marsh Designs, who taught the Seacoast Modern Quilt guild how to use a Twister or a Mini Twister at our February 2 meeting.

I spent longer digging in my fabric pile than I did piecing this.


It’s quite a small quilt, 30”x38” or something. (So I didn’t have to piece that Kaffe spot backing, one yard of which was just waiting in my stash for this exact quilt.)

It’s my second FMQ quilt. It went poorly, in general. Some spots were great:


and some totally gnarly.

SONY DSCBut I’m still pleased with this little project. I love the colors. This deep into winter, I start craving bright colors that I can almost taste.

It is a baby-less baby quilt. I don’t have any friends who are pregnant right now, which is a little weird. I’ll put it in my pile and wait for someone to need it, or else I’ll donate it after it’s hung around for a few months. This project was so quick and fun, that there may be more Twister quilts in my future!