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I was supposed to be in Phoenix visiting dear friends this weekend. On my first overnight trip away from this one, in her almost two years.20130210-111945.jpg

Thanks to the 26” of snow she’s enjoying there, my flight was cancelled and I’m home, buddy.20130210-112004.jpg

So there was lots of quilt nest time, and some Rikke hat knitting (Tosh Nassau Blue, on Merino DK, if ONLY the color could get me closer to warmer climes). And yeah, I’ll confess, there was quite a bit of bad attitude on my part.20130210-112017.jpg

But I did add to my flock of Liberty geese. I finished cutting and marking the background today (for sure the most tedious part of this project) and hope to make even more this afternoon. As we left the apartment on Friday morning, to go to Joann’s like crazies before the snow, Lucy and I heard honking overhead. Geese! Two dozen or so, flying in three perfect small V’s to beat the storm. We stopped to look up, and were glad.20130210-112300.jpg

And I guess I am glad to be home with my buddies in the snow excitement, too.