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Bad Mom knits hats for herself, not for her kid.20130204-132240.jpg

(You like the chocolate chip stain on my oxford shirt? Toddlers.)

Especially when the hat is knit of Tosh Vintage. I’m not sharing that.

I bought two skeins of Tosh Vintage (French Gray, Molly Ringwald) with my Christmas money, planning to make this hat. It’s the Lucy Hat, pattern by Carina Spencer, published in a recent issue of Knitscene. This seems to be the hat of the moment over at Ravelry. 800ish people are doing it. So, even though I’d never knit a hat before, I figured, if 800 people are doing it, how hard could it be?


I surprised myself and worked this up in two days flat. And I made only one tiny silly unnoticeable mistake. Even though I’d never knit with two colors before, and when I tried to do short rows on my ugly sock I cried and cussed and ultimately threw poor ugly sock in the trash, this hat was so easy to knit. I had a ton of fun making it.

And I blocked it. Yep. I didn’t have any Soak Wash (it’s on its way from Amazon to me right now) so I just used water and a vintage Pyrex bowl, but I did block it.

Be jealous of my decreases.


Love it. And, as a bonus, I have enough leftovers to do a Regina Hat in opposite colors (an idea I gleaned from other Ravellers who are all smartly doing this).

Hat mania is beginning.