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and oh, so sad we are. Somehow one can never drink enough pool drinks, enough pitchers of Bud Lite, soak up enough sun, or laze and read enough books, to justify the huge pile of laundry one must face upon vacation’s end. We spent seven days on the GA coast (one of the Golden Isles), with a day trip to Savannah thrown in for kicks.

Because I’m new at this and didn’t quite manage to plan ahead, things have been quiet here on the blog front, and quiet on the sewing front (one can’t expect to bring one’s machine to the beach! one has toddler chasing to do) but geez oh man what a pile of reading notes I have coming! Stay tuned. This week has me digesting the eight (or so) books I’ve read in the past ten days, cutting into two piles of fabric for two different quilt projects, rushing to finish hand quilting the green quilt, and…I mentioned the laundry and toddler chasing, right?

Maybe I should just buy her a wading pool and park her in it so I can get my work done, eh?