Just popping back in for the tiniest of brags.

You guys!


This picture doesn’t nearly do this quilt top justice. (I have a feeling I’ll struggle with finished-quilt photos this time.) I wrestled my Penny Sampler blocks into a top, and boy howdy! What a thing of gorgeousness.

This almost languished forever in a WIP pile, btw. Rachel’s deadline for our class is 12/15. (Of course, she is really kindly making the pattern available for those who are behind to purchase, but I really wanted this to be done-zo.) I got stuck on the paper-piecing.

Really, truly, I hate paper-piecing. I just don’t do it. I don’t get in that good “we’re working, we’re working” zone that you get into when you’re sewing and really getting things done. There’s so much start-stop, so much frustration, so much agony. The cuteness of the finished block *almost* makes up for these moments, but for me, never quite. I’m a piecer, friends. I’d do a million Ribbon Stars and be in my element. I really respect those of you who do such beautiful paper-piecing, because I know what a struggle I find it to be!

It goes *almost* without saying, but I’m going to handquilt this. I’ve tried to think of a way around the slowness of handquilting (can I straight-line quilt it? Mark Baptist fans on it? do different FMQ designs?) but a quilt like this just really needs to be handquilted.

It’s Christmas time so I’ve only disappeared because I’ve caught my annual birthday crud (this year, in the form of a nasty cold that Lucy had for a day and I had for a week, and am still working to shake off). I’ll be back this week with some Elf-ing I’m doing, and some enlightenment about Christmas gifting I’d like to share. I can’t wait to visit my blog feed and see what you’ve all been up to!