The irony of entering a quilt into the Quilt Photographers category of the Blogger’s Quilt Festival does not at all escape me.DSC07868

When I switch my camera to Manual, I don’t get pictures. The end. Just this summer I started taking photos using Aperture Priority mode (and these past two weeks something is going wrong and I don’t know how to fix it aaaaack)


But this year I’ve made real progress in photographing my finished quilts. I’m getting better at staging them (these photos were taken at Crane Beach in Ipswich MA; *sniff sniff* our “local” beach) (please don’t hate me)DSC07881

and I’m just getting better at them in general. I’m now consistently able to take photographs of a finished quilt that I can be proud of.DSC07883

I’ve also learned the valuable lesson that a quilt isn’t finished until you’ve photographed it. The dryer moment is nice, sure. But what’s nicer? The first kind person who “favorites” your photo on Flickr. Quilting is, in the end, about sharing. If you quilt and don’t photograph your work to share on the internet (Flickr, Instagram, a blog)DSC07887

PLEASE reconsider. I promise your quilts are beautiful, and you should be sharing them with all of us, so that we can tell you how gorgeous they are.

This Ocean Waves quilt was made using the pattern from Denyse Schmidt’s book Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration but with modifications to block size and number of blocks. I used leftover HSTs from my X-plus quiltΒ to make the blocks, orange scraps from my stash to make the back, scraps from my first Washi Dress to make the binding, and even batting scraps for the batting. A 100% satisfying 100% scrap quilt.

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