(You guys are all the best. Thank you to everyone who commented and emailed with encouraging words after my last post. I am looking forward to thanking each of you individually over the next day or so!)

This post is supposed to be wordless, but this English major just can’t shut up. Beth’s Quilt Photography Workshop for the month of October asks us to communicate carefully using photographs instead of words. I’ve dragged my heels (“this is so much thinking” “this is so haaaaaaard” “I have to really WORK on this”) and gotten out my camera several times to take some really unsatisfying flops of photos (geez maybe somebody ought to comb my kid’s hair once in awhile), only to realize that

EVERY TIME we take a cell phone snap or Instagram something, we’re doing exactly what Beth is asking us to do. We’re using a photo to speak better than words could. So now I’ll shut up and share some of my most favorite iPhone/Instagram photos that I think work to SAY something about my sewing or my life.



20131006-144042.jpgMy Style

20131006-144101.jpgColor Palette Inspiration

20131006-144255.jpgFavorites (yes, Plucky) (“sorry for the chat”)


20131006-144454.jpgMy Sewing Process

20131006-144510.jpgFuture and/or Goals

20131006-144415.jpgA Typical Day

20131006-144112.jpgThings That Make Me Smile

If this is cheating please feel free to throw rotten fruit boo hiss etc. But I really just have to point out that even if you think you’re not speaking with your photographs, probably you are, every day (or at least every time you Instagram).Β I encourage you to flip through your cell phone/Instagram takes and think about what you’re trying to say with each photo! Many of us are photographers many times a day; while I agree that we should strive towards increased DSLR use, sometimes…we gotta work with what we got.

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