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Yesterday on Instagram I observed, “cooler weather = casting on all the things.”


Yesterday evening I cast on a Lowbrow Hat (click through to purchase the pattern on Ravelry) in The Plucky Knitter Primo Aran in the June Classics colorway, Outta My Hair. I have a good friend who washed a man outta her hair this spring-summer, and I wanted to knit her a little luxury to remind her what a good thing washing a man outta your hair can be. The pattern is so easy and amazing that I knit through the first pattern repeat before bed!

photo_2I always thought that leaves looked tricky to knit, but this leaf pattern isn’t. What fun hats are.

Also on my needles right now is my Nanook (again, click through for details and to purchase pattern). You’ve seen the Insta-spam, probably.


I’m using Cascade 220 in the colorway Anis. Bad math led me to believe that my five stashed skeins were enough, but as I seamed the first sleeve on Sunday


I started to get that really bad yarn runny-out-y feeling and rushed to order more. (I’ve since re-done my math, and guess what? 5 times 220 yards does NOT, in fact, equal 1200 yards. #englishmajor). The color is a real chameleon. I love it in the top photo, hate it in the second; love it with certain Instagram filters, am wishy-washy on it IRL. I realized it’s the exact color of one of Lucy’s vests


and so I’ve made peace with it, as a color. I’m 1/4 down the second sleeve and then it’s just a mile and a half of garter and stockinette for the body, so I hope to have it done before a hard frost.

About a month ago I finished my Color Affection shawl, which I posted about before I started it but not since. Yarn is (natch) Plucky Feet in Oatmeal, Dandy Lion, and Ball Point.




I’d not ever knit stripes before, so, as you can see in the second photo, my edge is a little disastrous. (I’ve got to get one of you IRL knitters I know to teach me to twist yarns together at the color changes.) I don’t care. I love this shawl and I’ve been wearing it in the evenings, August heat be damned. Now that it’s cold, watch out, I’ll hardly take it off.

I’d noticed that I’d gone a bit off knitting and yarn buying. But now that it’s getting back down into the 50s 60s here, I’m having fun planning my fall knits. I want to knit Grace, and those Purl Soho kneesocks that kicked my butt in January. I wound yarn for a To Infinity and Beyond cowl, and MAY have just ordered a couple of skeins of DK for a French Cancan. And I think Lucy’s just got to have a Little Sperry.

If you knit, what are you planning for the fall-winter? Are you casting on all the things too? 🙂