Does that count as having finished something, having bought ALL the fabrics?


Suffering from sewing block this month nearly killed my fabric budget for the rest of the year, in a big way. Above is a photo of my haul from Sew Fresh Fabrics. Peg holds weekly sales (that you will only hear about if you follow Sew Fresh on Facebook), and several weeks ago, she put her whole sale section on extra 40% off. You know what was in that sale section? Many of the prints from Flea Market Fancy. I was doomed. I added in a few other irresistible prints, including an Andover text print and 1.5 yds of Summerlove (Ruby top, anyone?)


SONY DSCThese low-volume Comma, Architextures, and Madrona Road text print were not on sale, but shoot. I keep running out of these prints because I use them just all the time.

Pink Castle Fabrics is also running an insidious series of promotions they’re calling Deal of the Day. You sign up for the daily email, and then try every day to resist the awesome treat they’re offering at a spectacular price. I’ve caved a modest three times. One low-volume bundle:

SONY DSCOne solids bundle:

SONY DSC(sidenote: we all think Brenda pulled this solids bundle to coordinate with Tule, right? Because look:)

SONY DSCAnd I have an $8 shipped spool of white Aurifil 50wt coming. Aurifil: I won’t FMQ without it.

Stash Modern FabricΒ is one of my new favorite shops (since I picked up some Koi voile and white Waterfront Park prints a couple weeks back). When Michelle of Factotum of Arts, a dear blog friend, celebrated her one-year blogiversary several weeks ago, she surprised her top five commenters with an Etsy gift card. Michelle is an Etsy artist herself, and I thought this was a wonderful giveaway that gave me a lot of choices for how to treat myself. So duh, fabric, from Stash Modern Fabrics. I’m going to say that Michelle treated me to these fabrics for a Super Tote:

SONY DSCand, because Stash Modern does free shipping over $50, the rest of this just…fell into my cart whoops:

SONY DSCFinally, remember that shopping cart fulla fabric I posted on Monday? I was at this surplus and salvage store (“It’s grosser than Big Lots!” I crowed to my husband) called Mardens, located in Maine. Amy, our SMQG president, arranged for our group to get 10% off our purchases on the day of our September meeting. Ima do the math for ya. Designer fabric at <$5/yard ($4.49 seemed to be what most of my choices were labeled), plus a 10% discount = crazytown.

SONY DSCThere’s a piece missing, some Anna Griffin I bought to make a fall Washi for myself.

So there you have it. Trouble. Now I’m busy trying to cut and sew it all down into a stashable pile–and I’m even busier trying to resist the Pink Castle Skinny Sale this weekend. I’m officially on a fabric diet until Lizzy House’s kitty cats come out. Officially.

P.S. a bonus: Lucy cruised through as I was taking these photos and saw my camera. She asked me to take her picture PLEASE, and then sat still, smiled sweetly, and looked at the camera. She hasn’t done this since she was six months old.

My hope for decent Christmas cards is renewed.