Village block


I’ve been a little absent lately; I’ve been a lazy emailer, and a lackadaisical blogger. Truthfully, I feel a little bit stuck, creatively. I’m not missing any deadlines; I don’t owe any bee blocks, I haven’t let anyone down. I arrived at a design plan and fabric choices for those twin quilts. (You guys: I get to use CHICOPEE. I’m finally going to get to cut my gorgeous FQ stack!) I’m even caught up with Penny Sampler class assignments. (That is my Little Village block above–I spent Saturday putting this together. I’m deep into the why-use-solids-when-there-are-PRINTS-in-this-world philosophy. I’m so smitten with the spirit and whimsy of this block!)

Maybe it’s that I’m lacking the pull of a larger project to keep me orbiting around my sewing machine? Maybe it’s the guilt pile of lottery blocks that is asking me to make “just sixteen more spiderweb blocks please” and let me tell you a spiderweb block is kind of no joke. Maybe it’s just all these little projects that just need a few minutes of attention to get done–no challenge, no nose-to-the-grindstone. Maybe it’s all those silly sewing mistakes I made for a solid week a couple of weeks ago.

Or maybe it’s little anxious things: jury duty, the dentist (my kid chipped my front tooth, ah, the wages of parenthood), the where-are-we-going-to-live-come-December–keeping me up at night, making me too anxious to sew. It’s a vicious cycle. When I am too anxious to sew, I put off doing the thing that is the one surefire anxiety solution in my life, making me even more anxious.

Nothing is really wrong here! Like I said, I’m not behind in any sense. I’m just wishing inspiration would strike, and soon.

What do you do when you’re stuck? Should I start a new project? Pick up a lingering WIP? Keep my head down and bee-block-Penny-Sampler until I’m unstuck? Dig into those dang twin quilts already? So far I seem to be just buying fabric left and right, which isn’t the greatest solution.

I’m all ears!