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Oooooooo. It was so hard not to spoiler this project.


I kept thinking “just a sneaky peek like this!” Or, “just the back!”


But I had made a gentleman’s agreement. So I kept my mouth shut. And my photos off of Flickr.


Early this summer, Samantha emailed me to ask if I would be interested in swapping sewing machine covers. She was busy moving into her new home (and her new sewing room) and knew she would miss the deadline of the one she wanted to join on Flickr.

Of course. I love Samantha’s work, and I jumped at the chance to have a piece in her new, long-awaited sewing space.


I used some of the bright Liberty Stile I’ve been saving for just the right project–this definitely qualifies! There’s a Tsuru print in there, if you can spy it, and I’m not sure the last project I made without Pearl Bracelets in it.

I used the Garden District pattern, written by Corey Yoder of Little Miss Shabby, and published in the book Pillow Pop. Because I worked from stash instead of scrap, I chose to strip-piece the fabrics for the petal segments. This left me with enough leftover “slab” to make the skinny vertical borders, and to piece a little bit of color into the back. I made 8 blocks and laid them out 4 sets of 2, to make a 17”ish by 28”ish machine cover. Then, I used a sewing machine cover tutorial by Randi of i have to say to finish it off and add the binding and ties.

I sent it last Friday the 23rd from Massachusetts. It arrived with Samantha in British Columbia, Canada, today, the 28th. Record time! The USPS must have known how badly I wanted to share.