Sometimes I’m not sure what to say about a quilt that I haven’t already said.


1) It’s 50”ish by 50”ish. That’s baby quilt size. I’m keeping it. (#notpregnant)


2) I bought grey minky to back this quilt. When the day came to baste it, I couldn’t bear so much grey. It was one of those bright days when you could smell that autumn was around the corner, one of those days that makes you want to RUN OUTSIDE and find a way to preserve the sunshine for the long winter ahead. Canning? Tanning? At any rate. This quilt screamed for an orange back.


3) Because the front was seamy in the extreme, and the scrappy pieced back was also seamy, I quilted it with a very minimal, simple wavy FMQ design. (I borrowed Amy’s idea for our Indian Summer Quilt.)


4) The quilt is completely made of leftovers or small bits of stash. The binding is left over from my first Washi Dress. The batting is leftover bits. (I always piece batting together with a zigzag stitch. This isn’t great for FMQ, truly, but it always worked for me when I used to handquilt.) As I wrote in this post, the blocks are made from leftovers from my x-plus quilt. Even the back was leftovers from this little Twister quilt I made, my Liberty geese quilt, and every bit of reddish orange scrap I found in my pile.


5) I took these photos (with my husband’s help) at Crane Beach in Ipswich MA. I think this beach may be my favorite in the whole world. (I love it more than Aruba.) The water may be cold, but that view from the walkway onto the beach and the roses blooming in the bluffs just scream New England to me. Speaking of storing up sunshine, Lucy and I are doing our best to make as many “beach days” as we can before it’s wool-sock-weather again. Hope you are soaking up the August sunshine too!