SONY DSCWhen Sarah invited us last Thursday to “show me yours, show you mine” our stashes, I was all, “OK, this is just fine. I only have this teeny pile of Juliana Horner that I bought at Joanns with a COUPON so I have been totally virtuous this week. I can link up WITHOUT SHAME.” Then I came home, read her actual post, and got a little quiet-feeling. Actually we are supposed to show our whole stash.

No longer a without-shame proposition.

So I’ll talk shame etc. at the end (if you’re still around); for now, the photos.

Here’s my fabric-catcher table. This is where hibernating WIPs land. This is also where handfuls of fabric scraps that “I can’t deal with because the baby is awake now” land.

SONY DSCOpen that door to the right, and behind the vacuum and a bag full of yarn (we’re not talking about the yarn today, RIGHT?)…


I’ve spoken before about my one-bin husband-specified-credit-card-limit system. It’s a deal I struck with my husband that encourages me to be a little economical. It also encourages me to USE what I buy rather than cherishing the precious fabrics. Let me just say I am more or less successful on the credit-card-limit front.

Using it? Well.

Stash blenders and random half-yards:


Briar Rose and coordinating solids (that I chose MYSELF):


Color Me Retro, purchased in a moment of severe snowstorm-related weakness (it snowed 3 feet on the day I was supposed to go on my first mommy-get-away to Phoenix; I was sad, and stuck, so I bought fabric.) (see also: madtosh mag society yarn club subscription of March-May ’13)


Two 1.5 yard cuts for me skirts (I washed these up today!):

SONY DSCLiberty Lifestyle random:


Liberty Lifestyle Bloomsbury Gardens, brown (I know! but it looks so 70’s and awesome to me. I’m waiting for fall to come and I’m going to rock this pile).


These are just larger scraps. So I don’t feel guilty about this pile at all.


Echino from guild swap. Yes, I do feel a little guilty about this pile, because I think this fabric is too lovely to sit in a bin.


Sketch pile, which was purchased as a bundle last November but is reduced to mainly scrap by this point. If you’re wondering what you can do to quickly enhance your stash, I recommend Sketch, early and often. I use this pile all the time.


Uggos that I don’t know what to do with. (“Uggo” may be unfair. I love that vintage woodland print; I bought the three large cuts of the green Punctuation to do my daughter’s nursery and changed my mind/ran out of time/was cornered by my MIL in Pottery Barn in my 35th week of pregnancy and forced to choose a crib set.)


AND PILE OF SHAME: DS edition. I bought Flea Market Fancy as a Lucy’s-first-birthday gift to myself. My husband gave me I bought Chicopee as our fourth anniversary present last summer. I wanted to make Denyse Schmidt’s Cog & Wheel pattern. (Didn’t we all?) I love this pile of fabric and it is just sitting.


Besides a pile of Ziplocs full of scraps and the pile I pulled for the Penny Sampler, this is it.

Please tell me I’m normal(ish).

This week I worked on a stash re-org project that I’ll share later this week. I’m also plotting how I can make a plan to USE all this gorgeous stuff. It’s doing me no good in the piles.

How are you feeling about your own fabric pile at this point? Are you a saver, or are you really good about cutting and using all of your fabrics? Do you buy full-line FQ bundles, or just the prints you like? We want to know!

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