was #27, Willit Neverend, who commented:

Personally, if I were going to use the red and green, I would leave out the aqua, but, personally I’m not really fond of the red and green Christmas colours.

I would make it out of colours that say “Christmas” to me. For me in Australia, that would probably be yellows for the sun and the golden decorations, greens for the Summer grass and the Christmas tree, and whatever other relevant colours I could think of (but I’m not going to think too hard, because I doubt I will be making a Summer quilt :) )

For you it might be white, if it snows, light blues for frost and ice, yellows for decorations and warm hugs, or whatever else it is that reminds you of Christmas with your family.

Good luck.

I’m happy to add Australia to the list of places I have mailed stuff!

Thanks, one and all, for your Penny Sampler fabric stack advice. I’m going to admit that you’re not all going to get emailed responses to your thoughtful comments this time, but know that I did read each comment and appreciate your taking the time to offer advice.

(And it goes without saying, but I want to see any Christmas quilts you-all make for your families this year.)