SONY DSCIt’s still July, right? Today it was 70ish degrees, and even though it was mid-eighties yesterday, I swear the light had that early-fall quality the light gets when it’s time for the summer to end. Um? Hello? I’ve only been to the beach once this summer. It can’t be over.

Here in MA we might get three or four more weeks of summer before winter sets in again. But this summer’s Let’s Get Acquainted Blog Hop, organized by Beth at Plum and June, is coming to an end. Join me in visiting the last nine quilters who are closing us out with style:

A Quilter’s Mission
RobinSue Quilts
In the Boon Docks
Sew Fresh Quilts
fabric and flowers
Sewing by Moonlight
Lovelea Designs
A Note to Follow Sew
Sew E.T.

I’ve had so much fun meeting other new bloggers from around the world this summer. So much fun, in fact, that when Ashley at Wasn’t Quilt in a Day emailed me and asked, “Can we start a bee?!” I was all, why the heck not?

Long story short, we now have a lucky 13 quilters lined up for our ScrapBeelicious bee. Some amazing talent is represented in this list. Many are already good friends of mine; all are lovely bloggers. Just about the only con to this scenario is that I have to wait until August 2014 to have a quilt made by these talented folks! Each of us will be Queen for a month, and the other bees will transform our scraps into blocks at their bidding. Here’s who’s involved:

August: Ashley @ Wasn’t Quilt in a Day
September: Gwendellyn @ The Rainbow Revolts
October: Cath @ Wombat Quilts
November: Alyce @ Wonderland by Alyce
December: Nicole @  Modern Handcraft
January: Rachel @ Likes to Sew
February: Nanette @  Yeah, I Made That
April: Robin Sue @  RobinSue Quilts
May: Stephanie H @ Simple Sewendipity
June: Stephanie A @ Quarter Incher
July: Michelle @ Factotum of Arts
August: Laura @ Little and Lots
I can’t wait to see which block Queen Bee Ashley picks for this coming August. My scraps are ready!