I always let knit finishes pile up a little before I take photos and post them to Ravelry. And then, I don’t want to do SO many knitting posts here, because most of you-all are quilters.

But the way that I got interested in knitting was reading other quilters talk about their knitting projects. So, here you go.


1. Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan for Lucy

Pattern: Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan, available for purchase at the Madelinetosh website

Yarn: Madelinetosh DK Twist, Mag Society colorway Doe Eyes (insider info: there was some general griping on the Ravelry discussion board re: this color. Some squeaky wheels said it looked too undyed, and one person even said it looked like a band-aid. !!! I love this color for a basic staple garment, like I hope this will become for Lucy. Plus it makes her hair look super-blonde.)

Notes: I made the smallest size, which turned out a little big for Lucy. I can’t decide if it’s because she is pretty tiny (she is) or if my gauge was like half a stitch off (it was). At any rate, for knitted garments for a child, too big is okay. Maybe we’ll get two winters out of it.


I think she likes it. We are living (what I dearly hope is) the hottest week of the year in Massachusetts, and she fought like an animal flatly refused to take this sweater off to go run our errands. She wore it all the way through her toddler dance class, facepalm.

She’s got sweet moves.

2. First Socks

Pattern: A Nice Ribbed Sock, by Glenna C, available free on Ravelry

Yarn: The Plucky Knitter Plucky Feet, Princess Phone

Notes: Not many. These are cuff-down (as opposed to toe-up) socks. I used size 2 40” circulars and knit one at a time using the Magic Loop Method. They fit fine. I screwed up the second toe by not reading the pattern (a theme here at l n’ l) and frogged back to re-do. I love how they feel on my feet–more handknit socks are in my future.



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