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Awhile back I posted about a group project my guild is doing using a donated bundle of Sarah Watson’s lovely fabric line Indian Summer. Sarah Watson herself donated the Indian Summer, and Peg of Sew Fresh donated some perfectly coordinating Konas. We decided as a guild that we will donate our quilts to babies and mommas in need in Moore, OK.

I took some lame iPhone photos of my started project just to post to my guild’s Flickr group, and then quickly passed the project on to Amy‘s mom Judy. Judy added to the front, pieced the back, and Amy quilted, bound, and photographed the quilt. PLEASE NOTE: all photos in this post are borrowed from the talented Amy of During Quiet Time, with her permission.

Judy riffed on the outdoor-summer-camp theme I borrowed from the fabric in the center: she added a border of trees, with animal faces peeking out. 

And she added a bottom border with the blue mosaic print and two solids: a river!

Judy also pieced a back using every last bit of scrap from the bundle we had. I love use-it-all-up backs. This one looks so good it really could be a quilt front.

For the quilting, Amy borrowed from the river motif, quilting the quilt in a soft wavy FMQ pattern. Because Judy and I between us managed to use every bit of fabric we were given, Amy pulled a binding from her stash. It is a DS Quilts print from Joann Fabrics.

How do I feel about my first collaborative quilt project? I am busting with excitement. I was lucky to be able to start the quilt, to set a creative direction for it. It was fun to see what Judy did with the rest of it–I was able to pass it on when I got stuck for ideas, and she took over and added much more creative piecing than I would have been able to come up with. Then Amy gave the quilt the professional quilting and photography treatment.

Now, I’m trying to decide who to con into doing another round-robin style quilt with me. 🙂 Any takers? Have you ever done a collaborative or round-robin quilt? Did you have a good experience?

(PS: If you asked me before what the Kona colors were, and I flakily told you I didn’t know, I do now: that center blue is Glacier, the peach is Ice Peach, and the light grey is Ash.)