so, here is a nice photo of my next few projects. You see the potential, no?

Yarn is *sighs* Plucky Feet, Ballpoint, Dandy Lion, Oatmeal–those Addi Turbos are going to make it into a Color Affection. Fabric in the basket is for a Roly Poly Pinafore for Lucy. Background fabric is Liberty Stile Mackintosh. Lucy and I get to duke it out over this cut–we’ll see who wins. She’s awfully scrappy.

This coming week I have to share: a finished x-plus quilt (I hope I hope); an improv-pieced top that POSSESSED me on Thursday; a collaborative quilt I was so lucky to get to work on; and Lucy’s Tiny Tea Leaves Cardi, all finished and modeled by the cutest curly-headed Jeopardy-watching toddler ever.

For more Sunday blog eye candy (aren’t we all sitting with fresh-fruit flavored seltzer drooling over blogs? just me?), keep hopping in Beth’s Let’s Get Acquainted 2013 New Blogger Blog Hop. I’m pleased to say that not a week has gone by when I haven’t seen one of my favorite blog friends featured on the list! This week’s featured bloggers (no exception, hi guys) are:

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come back for lots of finishes and eye candy this week, pinky swear!