As always when I quilt hard all week,


I have only a few weird photos to share of what’s going on around here.

This is the second “Quilt for Boston” that I free-motion quilted (I’ll share a better photo of the quilting soon–I’m not *proud* of it, but I’m OK enough with it not to rip it all out. Positivity! Confidence! I exude it!). And, my toddler’s laundry.


I’m up to ten Liberty x-plus blocks. I am DYING to make clothes from several of these prints. Conveniently, I started making clothes in earnest AFTER this line is pretty much already gone from the shops.


And speaking of making clothes, I’m bitten. I finally received the Tsuru Motif Madness yardage I’ve only wanted since, oh, February. (I’m the worst about piddling around about buying fabric–do I really want it? which color? what for? blah blah and this sold out immediately, and I had to wait for it to re-ship. When Koi comes out I’m on it like a duck on a junebug.) I had wanted to make this skirt, but asked around about favorite skirt patterns on Facebook. Immediately Samantha (founder of the forthcoming A Gathering of Stitches in Portland, ME) responded that she’s made a bunch of Colette Ginger skirts.

And, well. Who can resist that high waistband?

A printing mishap kept me from getting this sewn up in time to pack into my suitcase–but as soon as we get back from the beach, I’m on it.



I’m taking all of this with me to the beach so I can have books to read and socks to knit while I’m chasing my toddler ah hahahahahaha.

While I’m on vacation, the 2013 Let’s Get Acquainted New Blogger Blog Hop is still going strong! This week’s hoppers include some of my favorite blog people–again! (are all of you blog people my favorite? perhaps):

Friday, June 28
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Catch you in July! X-pluses, Ginger skirt, a post about that Lizzy House Washi that I Instagrammed twice, a better photo of that Boston quilt…all here.