I finally jumped on the wagonSONY DSC

and made my first zip pouch. I know! My mom has forever made me afraid of two things re: sewing. 1) sewing over pins (“You’ll hit the pin and the needle will break and HIT YOU IN THE EYE.”); 2) installing zippers. She makes that face, with the breath suck-in, that says, “not the best idea.”

But I reeeally needed a new makeup bag. The old one is ca Christmas 2004 and is filthy.


And we are going on vacation in two weeks. I bought a zipper, found the No Guts Boxie Pouch tutorial on Craftsy, found the Liberty I had saved for just this purpose, and dove in.


Not so bad, for my first try! I can’t think of anything that I wouldn’t want made out of that print though.


If you decide to try this tutorial, I’d suggest using a longer tab length than recommended in the pattern (she calls for 3”, I think 4” might be better). I used medium-weight fusible interfacing, where the pattern calls for lightweight, and I think the bag could be even stiffer. I’d go heavyweight next time.

I did not have to use a zipper foot, my regular presser foot worked fine.

Finally, follow the photos in the tutorial carefully. I typically rely heavily on written instructions (a word person) and the words led me astray at least twice. HINT: don’t sew the sides of the pouch when you sew the bottom! The instructions aren’t clear, but JUST SEW THE BOTTOM.

I think that when my fabric budget resets hahaha I will be making an order from Zipit. I’m seeing many more zip pouches in my future.