I lied, like, a little bit.


The x-pluses didn’t really want to be first.


Really, the x-pluses want 1) more grey fabric (I am making the 12” size and I need 5.5” squares of grey! Not effective to cut from fat quarters, so I have a pile of half-yards coming); and they want 2) me to keep them. For myself, forever.


Really, this quilt is, I think, Samantha’s fault. I whined to her about having had to give away the Washi Dress I made out of the precious, can’t-find-it-anywhere-anymore tiny Kokka strawberries-on-navy print. Pragmatically, she responded, “Don’t you have scraps? Make yourself a pouch or something!”

Oh, I had scraps. A whole pile, wadded up on my bedroom fabric-catcher table. (You know you have a place where your fabric and blocks that you’re not QUITE ready to put away yet land.) I took that scrap wad and made not lemonade but



I really do have to give this one as a wedding gift, though.

One small note on block construction: You absolutely do not need any kind of tutorial or whatever to make these. You can do it yourself. BUT, but. It is kind of nice when the measurements you choose make it easy to cut one nice width of fabric, selvege to selvege (WOF) strip per block, yeah?

I started with a 4.5” center square

sashed it with a 2.5” strip

and sashed again with a 2” strip. That last 2” strip I was able to cut just WOF, and had a teeny rectangle leftover, like in the second photo (improv block for the back, anyone?).

The blocks are 11.5”, 11” finished (such a nice easy number to multiply to figure a final quilt size).

(A final PS, for the weirdos: I wanted to call this quilt “For Reverend Green,” my favorite song off of Animal Collective’s Strawberry Jam, but my husband made a face and said no one would get an Animal Collective reference. ONE OF YOU GETS IT, right?)