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Plum and June

You’ve landed here, in the place of little things and lots of them.


(above, a mosaic of some of my projects from May 2012-last Friday, reverse chronological order. Crappy iPhone snap of the Indian Summer improv stars is most recent.)

When I started this blog in May 2012, it’s fair to say I didn’t have a clue what I was even doing here. This is about the fourth blog I have started. I’ve started and abandoned: 1) a cooking blog (ONE post! because actually I’m not that great a cook); 2) an expat blog (got pregnant, and in my surprise-you’re-pregnant state, the foreign country became terrifying rather than charming–and then we moved back to MA); 3) an Open Salon blog where I tried to hang and talk all smart about books (there is a REASON I dropped out of English grad school, yo).

I’m a stay-at-home-mom now, with a background in word-y things. There was the English grad school, there was the few years of publishing grunt work. I needed something to do, and I needed to blog. I kind of thought I might be a mommyblogger, and talk about some books and some baby stuff and some food, and just try and post a little bit of a lot of different things.

I also thought that my life isn’t likely to be the BIG, monumental, world-rocking thing that I thought it was going to be when I was 21.

Instead, my life is going to be a lot


of really little things, and little moments, all strung together


to make lots of joy.


Other reasons I love my blog name, littleandlots:

I have a little. She’s lots of fun.


She’s an L name, I’m an L name, we’re L&L, little&lots.

And, more practically, I have a LOT of stuff crammed into a very little apartment.


Most of all, I like my blog name because what all of we quilters do, at the heart of it, is make something that is so MUCH out of things that are so little.


So, stick with this Southerner-stuck-forever-in-Massachusetts (yes, my header image is from coastal GA, and yes, I tried to change it and it broke my little heart). Happily, I know where I’m headed now: modern quilting, with some knits and dresses thrown in for fun.


You may not always find the cleverest tutorials or tips around these parts, but I try my best to share pretty things and thoughts about what I’m working on. (Mostly so you won’t make the same goofs I do.) I promise also to always enable fabric and yarn purchasing. I’m a great enabler.

Up next (please stop by again!): Kokka strawberry framed square quilt obsession; a little Indian Summer charity quilt I got to start; Liberty Stile x-plus blocks.

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