While everything is really just dandy here at littleandlots, I’ve been a little angsty lately. Who knows. I have my secret and not-so-secret suspicions about the reasons.

After a particularly angsty day/evening/night, I woke up yesterday morning possessed by the desire to sew myself a dress.



And I mean PO-SESSED. I went from 3.5 yards of Flea Market Fancy that I’d been hoarding for a quilt backing (yeah, sorry, Roy G. Zig quilt) and no pattern to a dress by dinnertime.



You probably recognize this as the Washi Dress. I’ve wanted to sew this dress since the pattern came out last year, but hemmed and hawed mostly about the elastic thread and the back shirring. After making Lucy’s Geranium Dresses, I felt sure I could hang.



(Pardon the wrinkle across my backside, but you CAN see the not-at-all scary shirring.) I made a size M. I’m wearing the dress for realsies right now, like out to the Target-post office-library-whatever, and gapping around the neckline and the armholes makes me want to make a size S next time. This dress isn’t hugely big, but I have very narrow shoulders and a smallish bust, and my measurements were right in the crack between a S and a M. I made a muslin, but couldn’t tell how much the back would get taken in by the shirring. The skirt is so generous that I think my S-on-top-M-on-bottom self might do better in an S.



And oh, yes, there will be a next time! I’ve already ordered the fabric (Sew Fresh still has plenty of Constellations, if you feel like you missed it and are in despair) and can’t wait to get started.

A lipstick note: I read in the new bio of Sylvia Plath (Pain Parties Work, one of the best books I’ve read in a while) that Sylvia always wore red lipstick and very little other makeup. I bought a red lipstick last winter after seeing my sister Mary wear it so gracefully, but then got too chicken to really wear it. Well! If it’s good enough  a look for Sylvia, it’s good enough for me. I’ve got FACE Stockholm in Chili Flake.

With that, my new dress and I are off! I’ll be back in this space at the end of May, after some southern and southwestern travels. I will be watching your-all’s blogs, though–plenty of internet time, just no Janome time. Happy spring sewing!