I should probably have asked one of ya’ll how you do the little screen captures that prove you’ve really used random.org and put them neatly on your blog.

Because I even had to google “screen shot mac,” eyeroll.

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 1.19.00 PM


Can you see it? SOO tiny. But the winner is #1, which I LOVE. (Encouragement to comment quickly!) Samantha at Making Life Prettier wins the two Architextures charm packs. She’s already done amazing work with this line, so I’m excited to see what she will do with them!

I got some yarn treat mail this week.

SONY DSCMore Plucky. It’s a problem, I know. (Trust me, my husband has LET me know, ha.) These three colors came yesterday, from three different sources. The blue, Vintage Icebox, and the pink, Lollipop Guild, I picked up off of destash, which is a GREAT way to try Plucky yarn if you’re interested and don’t want to sit around waiting for a shop update. The green came straight from Plucky: Whistlestop Cafe, April’s Classics yarn club color.

I love the colors together but they are all different bases so are headed for three different projects. Turns out you can’t quite buy yarn like you buy fabric, a little piece here, a piece there, it’ll mix in somewhere later. You have to like…sort of have a plan when you buy yarn.

Good thing I have fabric, and can pull a pile of these colors to play with. 🙂