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Minutes after I hit “publish” on my last post (“happy Marathon Monday”), my brother texted me from Tennessee: “please tell me you didn’t go to watch the marathon today. don’t freak out, but…”


While I have very little right to freak out about what we are apparently calling the “Boston bombing” (!!!! my city! in the name of an “x horrible situation”), I am shaken. We live 15 miles north of the Tobin Bridge, and Nate works in Ipswich, not in the city, so we are far out of any potential danger. But there’s something about seeing reporters broadcasting from streets I USED to walk every day when in I worked in publishing (on Berkeley St.), seeing destruction on the sidewalks in front of my former dentist’s office, the bar where I used to go with my fellow EA’s for cheap waffle fries, hear about the Atlantic Fish Co where I’ve eaten oysters and swilled sauv blanc…

and that’s not even the library, where I’ve also spent a good deal of time. If you’re not safe in front of the Boston Public Library, where ARE you safe?

SONY DSCI’ve never not felt safe in Boston. And really, I still feel like this is a very safe place to be. I’ve told lots of people that I feel like this city is filled with good people, people who won’t watch you struggle and fail to react. People who WILL help you lift your stroller onto the T. Or who will help you decide whether to get off at Park or Copley, even if you’re calling it “Cope-ly.”


Turns out when I’m mad and sad, starting a new project is pretty much the ticket to helping me feel just a little better. And a rainbow project! Well. Color always makes ME feel a little better about my world.

18 blocks done, out of 56. Using Rachel’s tutorial (so.fun.and.addicting.) How could I resist? Calling it Roy G. Zig. (“Big Zig” might also have worked?)