Lately I feel like all the best quilts come out of paper bags.SONY DSC

I love the instructions from Cheryl Arkison in Sunday Morning Quilts: “Throw in all the…strips and mix them up well.” Trader Joe’s bag + pile of scraps = Scrappy TAL, and now also = my version of Cheryl Arkison’s Sunday Morning quilt.

SONY DSCSuper-relaxing to sew. (You don’t even have to make sure the fabric lines up correctly; a little wonk is good!)

SONY DSCSuper-easy to look at. I love that tulip print; it came in a scrap pack from Sew Fresh Fabrics (Peg has a new, non-Etsy website!) and it totally shines in these blocks.

It’s also going quickly, too. I reckon I can have a throw-sized top finished by Friday!

(And, a little brag: I’m one of the three finalists in Rachel @ Stitched in Color’s Shelburne Falls contest! I’m more than pleased to be picked. Stitched in Color is one of my favorite quilty “places” to spend time on the web, and it’s super-exciting to be featured there! Go look at the awesome Shelburne Falls projects and cast a vote!)

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