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I finished up my SMQG “bottles” pillow cover yesterday.


For the March meeting of the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild, Amy of During Quiet Time (our fearless leader!) brought her Sizzix cutter and taught a lesson in Sizzix cutting/curved piecing. Curved piecing! SO not the big deal! Another quilty thing people get worked up over that really is not difficult. When you sew curves you must 1) cut accurately (yay Sizzix) and 2) sew slowly. The end.


During the same meeting, I timidly volunteered to quilt a charity top that’s lingering in one of our members’ piles, adding, “But only if I don’t have to FMQ, I can use my walking foot, right?” Amy gently reminded me that quilting a charity top would make for great FMQ practice.

Pillow covers ALSO make great FMQ practice, as you can see in the above shot. Not so awful, you think? Look closer.


If there’s a visual equivalent of plugging your ears, now’s the time. Shew. I’ve wanted to try Elizabeth Hartman’s dogwood quilting technique for a very long time. I patiently marked my 2” grid on this top, and went at it. It could have gone worse (the top photo up there doesn’t look so awful) but it could have gone a heck of a lot better.

I’m going to park this little blue pillow on our gray sofa, though, and keep it there for awhile. I will also keep practicing! There may be a lot of scrappy throws-pillow covers-doll quilts etc in my future, because I’m not going to let this FMQ thing beat me. I’m also not going to beat myself up over ugly quilting until I really have tried and practiced and worked at it, for a long time.

(I also think I’m justified in posting pictures of really ugly quilting, because otherwise, people who don’t FMQ–me, six months ago, for example–might get the idea that the process is simple, intuitive, and leads to perfect results the first time and every time. HA.)

But for now? I think I’ll be quilting “special” quilts (Lucy’s Lizzy House quilt, for example) with my walking foot. 🙂

Linking up with Finish it Up Fridays at Crazy Mom Quilts (aka Amanda Jean Nyberg, whose awesome book Sunday Morning Quilts I consulted just this week!)