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Instead of thinking about the snow (!!) we’re due to get tonight into tomorrow (March, you’re on my list too), I’m determined to think happy spring project thoughts. Ready to think spring with me?!

In my mailbox on Friday was the MA issue of Quilty. Love this new magazine by Fons and Porter! It’s filled with do-able projects–some of which are, yes, less “modern” than others, but that’s a minor flaw I’m willing to overlook because it’s a new magazine aimed right at young quilters like me! Already I’m thinking of overlooking piles and piles of wips (ahem FEATHER BED) in favor of this:


How funny it is that the ranunculus I bought on Friday outlasted the tea roses I also bought on Friday! Mums, of course, are cut-flower champs, but I’m so happy the pink ranunculus are hanging around.SONY DSC

This yarn wants to become this sweater. It asked. Politely. Madelinetosh yarn, of course, from the March shipment of the Magnolia Society, which I joined in a moment of real snow-related weakness. It’s a new base, Tosh Mo Light (merino-mohair, I think), and the color is called Moth. Perfect for a spring cardi. I may be overly ambitious, but my Holden shawlette is coming along so beautifully, and really, I could’ve made my February Lady Sweater work if I had been feeling more into it. I think I can cardi, ya’ll. SONY DSC

Lucy and I have been reading this book obsessively for about three weeks. Here is a super-cute book trailer that is well worth one single minute of your still-brown March. I get choked up at the end when the whole world goes green. Every time. I also get a little teary reading “there are seeds and they are trying.” Oh my.SONY DSCI’m also thinking about how nervous improv piecing makes me, as I’ve got to do three big improv panels for the backing of Glam Garlands. Terry cloth is also making me a little faint, and I’m really ready to take on a FMQ challenge for a little pillow cover. All coming this week!

If we all think thoughts of spring, maybe it will come?! Good Monday to you all.