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and I didn’t blog once!

When I go long periods of time between blog posts, usually I am one of three things: 1) busy sewing, 2) outside, or 3) pregnant. While I PROMISE I am NOT #3 (toddler. making. me. dumber.), I have been very much #1 and #2! It’s not exactly spring yet, but it’s been warm enough for some long outside walks and some mud puddle stomping.

And that toddler? Her second birthday is coming up in early April. I put my head down last week and came up with this, the top of her big girl quilt:



The pattern is Elizabeth Hartman’s Glam Garlands, from Modern Patchwork. Have I mentioned here how much I love this book? This is the second pattern I’ve used, and it was so quick and dreamy-easy. The piecing was a very pleasurable, low-stress process. No points or seams to match! Even the squaring-up of the units was easy.

The rainbow of prints are from that lovely 50 fat eighth bundle that I bought from Lizzy House in December. I used 47 of the 50 prints (I saved out two of the low volume PB prints for a forthcoming low volume quilt, and the darker brown PB seemed a little repetitive). I’m realizing I may have a bit of a spectrum quilt compulsion, as I also did Fire Drill in a rainbow! This gray time of year, though, I need the colors. (Tangent: once I finally figure out how to photograph a quilt in the smallest apartment ever in the dead of the MA winter, I will write a wonderful and useful book and become famous. Ha.)

I hope it makes my “luck-or” (color) loving girl happy!

also in the works are a Holden shawlette:



It’s my first lace pattern! Though I am weenie-ing out and using the written instructions and not the chart. Yarn is Plucky Feet in Edwardian.



I’m surprised at how well the lace is going so far!

and here’s a sneak peek of my SMQG Asbury challenge project. Can you guess what I am making?!



I am keeping the piecing super-duper simple on purpose, for laundry reasons. 🙂