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1) I’m tired of February. Aren’t you? Snow (only 2”, but RIGHT AT THE WRONG TIME) canceled another one of my fun mom-day-out weekend plans.

2) So now I’m extra February-crabby.

3) And basting is SUCH a chore. So many wrinkles to smooth out!


4) And I’m not sure that having added the two blue solids to this quilt top is working for me. It’s sure enough different, but do I like it?



I keep squinting at the layout like I’m trying to make it work, or figure it out. The top is together now, and I’m not likely to unpick, and I’m really feeling the need to just SEW SOME LONG STRAIGHT SEAMS. So I’ll pin, put the walking foot on my machine (another hate chore!) and sew sew sew.

Until I’m not crabby anymore, or until it’s not February anymore, whichever comes first!