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I finished three small projects this week, while I was busily working on my Liberty Geese. Here are two of them!

1) Rikke hat: I posted a little sneak peek of this hat as a WIP last weekend. I started knitting it the Monday before the snowstorm, worked the bulk of it while we were snowed in, and finished the crown this past Monday. I didn’t love the process. Love of this yarn kept me going. (And I decided that I love madelinetosh above all other yarns, and joined the Magnolia Society yarn club, in a moment of snowbound weakness. Watch this space for the fallout of this and other snow-related moral failings.) 20130215-131345.jpg



But the finished hat! The color goes great with my purple coat, and I’ve worn it nonstop since I finished it. Garter stitch in the round was way worth this finished product. Get the pattern free on Ravelry!

(Also, check out those clear beads: my Valentine’s gift from my husband, from Kenton Beadworks. This is my FOURTH bead necklace from there and I love them all to distraction. Unpaid advertisement here. I just love, love these beads. )

2) Pleated tote: I’ve made one of these before in two different Stamped Prints. I made the pleats too deep, and wonked up the dimensions of the bag. The finished product was still cute enough to gift, so I needed one for myself. A chance to get it right!


I used Ellen Luckett Baker’s tutorial as posted on her blog The Long Thread. This is one seriously cute bag, and it sewed up very quickly. Since I finished it two days ago I’ve used it as a combo purse-diaper bag for little errands when I don’t want to carry my leather bag and a separate diaper bag, or when I don’t want to overload my good leather bag with too much junk. It’s also the perfect size for a library haul:


You can see a peek of the lining, which is Madrona Road Wild Carrot in Straw, which has turned out to be a surprisingly useful and versatile stash fabric. I’m sad that my 1-yd cut is almost gone! Outer fabrics are from Stamped by ELB for Kokka.

One final note re: this bag pattern: don’t be a lazy dummy like I was the first time I made this bag–BUY the fusible fleece, DON’T sub batting scraps and steam-a-seam, even if you’ve got them already laying around and you’re trying to be thrifty (ahem). Save yourself a panicked call to your sewing machine dealer, and two hours of wrassling with your machine, and just buy the fusible fleece. The end.

My third small finish was a little iPhone pocket (in some treasured Charcoal Sketch lined with some blue solid–also, fusible fleece!) for my husband, who tried to buy a fabric iPhone sleeve for $13 from Amazon while I was sitting right next to him. Eyeroll. I don’t have a picture, because he’s tried it and found it acceptable and it’s with him now!

Linking up to Finish it Up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts, yay!