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Surprise! I don’t think I’ve even mentioned this quilt here on the blog.


I don’t think I’ve mentioned it anywhere: quilt guild, to my mom, etc. You see, it’s an unloved. A sick-day quilt–you know, the one your mom lets you cuddle under on the couch when you’re home sick, because she doesn’t mind if you barf on it? The one you use when you have to sleep on the hide-a-bed with Fuller? (My big nerdy family says this re: the displaced person sleeping on the loft floor at Christmas.)

Sick-day quilts are my favorite kind, though. They’re the ones you grow up with. The ones you use and use. The ones your mom lets you build forts with, and put your feet on, and maybe barf on, because she didn’t slave over it and it’s just scraps anyway and let’s face it it’s kinda ugly. Here is Nate, already disrespecting it. Perfect.


I don’t have much to say about making the quilt that others haven’t already said. I’d bet there’ll be 500 more of these in the world after this month than there were in December. It was super-fun. I chose to use fabric uglies, instead of choosing scraps of my very-best. (Have you seen the one someone did in all Denyse? Or the one in all Lizzy House? Bananas. In an awesome way.)

Best part is the backing. I chose to use Sketch Flannel in Yellow. It’s so warm and soft, and because I chose to quilt only simple squares (like, one line every four 2” squares, so it’s just 4” square quilting) it’s heavy and drapey. I cut the backing too short width-wise, so had to resourcefully piece extra strips down the length to cover my ass. It all worked out OK though. I had extra backing too! I just cut it too short. Binding is Sketch in Lipstick, quickly becoming my fabric obsession.


One final note on the flannel: I never pre-wash anything anytime for any reason. And I also did not prewash the flannel. I was scared spitless to wash this quilt but it came out perfect. I bought high-quality flannel, though, and would likely have fared less well if I had bought cheaper.

Here are Lucy’s “friends” enjoying the quilt. Happy trip-a-long, to all of you finishing up your versions!


PS if you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the original tutorial, and here’s the flickr pool.

PPS edited to add: linking up over at Plum and June’s Let’s Get Acquainted Monday Blog Hop! My first (of what I hope will be many) Plum and June Monday link up, yay! 🙂