Nate: That’s a cool quilt.

L: thanks.

N: Those colors are kind of fall-y!

L: that’s because I picked out the fabric in October, started the quilt in November, and I’m just now finishing it.



When Rachel @ Stitched in Color, Amy @ Badskirt, etc started their Value Added QAL last fall, I was so buried in Christmas gifts that I knew it was a horrible idea to take something else on. Then Amy started posting details about her fantastic Bargain Basement quilt pattern…and the pattern was just too genius. I couldn’t help myself.



After I compulsively pieced the first four blocks, I had visions of queen-size dancing in my head. (Also I was Christmas-crafting-delusional at the time.) Then I back-burnered the project, and it got slow. And guilt-ridden. I’m looking at these lovely fall colors, thinking, why isn’t this done? And I’d sew all day, piecing blocks, and I’d be like, why isn’t this quilt getting bigger? And then I got super-sick and didn’t sew at all, and this was the guilt project I was obsessively not-sewing while I was couch-surfing.

And THEN I ran plumb out of fabric. Paper piecing uses a lot more fabric than I’m used to!



So this is really a very little quilt. The triangles are 2” wide and 4” tall. The whole quilt is like, 45” x 45”. It’s just this side of big enough for a throw quilt.

Lucy is crazy about this little quilt. It’s small enough for her to drag around, plus she’s currently nuts about 1) flowers and 2) the alphabet. So when she sees the quilt, she’s likely to either sniff-sniff the printed flowers and say, “good” (for “smells good”), or start belting the alphabet song.



The backing prints are from Punctuation by American Jane for Moda. I actually bought them to make Lucy’s crib sheets (and thenshecameonherduedate and I ranoutofcraftingtime).



Finally, this is not only the first quilt I paper-pieced, it is the first entire quilt I FMQ’ed. I used a wonky-boxes pattern, and I love it on this piecing. Here’s a closeup of my big piecing mistake, do you see it?!

I’m super-proud of this little one. It was a challenge, I learned two new things while I did it (and I really think I got better about seeing “value” in prints–it worked). And the result is pretty cute!