Two weeks without a post!? Turns out that last productive day I had two weeks ago was like a foreboding, a sign that things were fixing to get real and ugly and fast. We won’t talk bad news but the good news is I’m finally feeling well enough to take the cover off my sewing machine again.


I did start knitting a super-ugly sock while I was parked on the sofa. Maybe I’m sewing today just so I don’t have to look at the sock?


And I’m working under deadline for my Madrona Road SMQG challenge pillow. Had plenty of ugly-sock-knitting-pillow-scheming time. Here’s the fabric, we have the blues and grays and yellows. Seasonal. I love Madrona Road, it surprises me every time I sit and actually look at the fabric.


Wash your hands, folks, and no flu for you. L&L out.