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Christmas is two weeks from tomorrow.



We leave for TN in 12 days.



It’s crunch time.



So, while I haven’t been here in 10 days, I’m certainly still trucking. I have a lot left to do, but on Saturday, I felt for the first time like I’m actually going to get it all done. Or…enough of it. I’ve finished handquilting my MIL’s Fire Drill quilt, and have chosen the binding. I’m halfway-ish through quilting my mom’s Sparkle Punch quilt–more on that in a moment. I have about eight rounds left to knit on MY honey cowl, and then two small half-versions of the honey cowl to knit for my sisters (in the awesome highlighter-yellow and shocking pink MadTosh yarns above). And I have two quilted tote bags to piece, quilt, and finish, using this tutorial. And one or two more aprons. And one makeup roll.

It sounds like a lot! It is a lot. You may be all, I’m not optimistic it can be done. But I don’t take “not optimistic it can be done” for an answer. Because I have a new sewing machine:



It’s a Janome 3160 QDC, purchased in a sheer panic at Marie’s Sewing Center in Woburn after my old 1996 Target Singer (inherited from my great-grandmother) broke on the way to my guild’s SAL on 12/1. I’ve had it 9 days. I think I’m in love. It’s the reason I’m already halfway through quilting the Sparkle Punch quilt that I couldn’t even get put together a couple weeks ago. (Did I mention I think my Singer was on the fritz? What I thought was acting funny–the tension in the presser foot–was what finally broke, I think the spring gave–and, really, it was time for a “real” machine.)

I hope to write a more detailed review of my thoughts on the Janome after I’ve used it for awhile. And I’ll definitely post as I finish this pile of projects!

Good luck with all of your crunch times. Will you make it?!