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I pride myself on keeping sewed up with my scrap bag. I have one teeny little plastic zippy bag from the FQS, and it holds ALL the snippety and odd-shape scraps. (And I have a detailed, bizarre-o system of Chipotle bags that hold all the Kona scrap, all the string scrap, warm-cool string scrap for a specific project, and the selvedges, so really…ok, it’s not just this one scrap bag.)

But if there’s a scrap bag I’m most fond of, it’s the snippet bag. I love saving teeny tiny scraps that a sane person might trash.

Lucy loves the snippet bag too. She found it, in its current stuffed-full state, and I was like, OK, harmless. I’ll let her play, take her pic for her sewing-nut Nana, and go to the bathroom.


A quick bathroom trip later, the dining room floor:


I especially like the scrap stuck to her butt.

Though I realize such thoughts are akin to dreaming of salad-lentil-soup-and-smoothies while eating pumpkin pie straight out of the pieplate (not that I did that last week ahem), I’m really looking forward to some scrap cleansing in January, after all this stash-yardage-special-fabric sewing of the Christmas season.  I’m thinking a scrap vomit quilt is in order, and I’ve got my eye on several use-em-up patterns from Sunday Morning Quilts (like the “wine gums” one, though I’m not sure what they call it in the book, or the ticker tape quilt, or the cover quilt…) At heart I’m a scrap quilter, not a stash quilter. I get way more satisfaction out of using things up and combining little bits in creative ways.

Maybe this is another reason my Denyse Schmidt FQ’s remain perfectly folded and untouched in my fabric box? While I keep ordering scrap packs from the shops and opening them like it’s Christmas day? (Speaking of, Southern Fabrics has 30% off their rainbow scrap bundle today. Makes it $18ish including US shipping. I ordered one for myself and will turn it over to the hubs to stuff in my own stocking. 🙂 )

Anyone else planning a scrap cleanse for January? Any scrap quilts in your queue? Any scrappy patterns I should know about?

Annnd one final snippet thought: I did finally finish squaring up my Sparkle Punch stars yesterday. At some point during the process, I started refusing to clean up my trimmings until I had finished all of the stars. 


Like a 13-year-old boy refusing to change his underwear until the end of the Little League championship, this hurt those around me way more than myself. I thought my pile was pretty impressive by the end! (And yeah. I threw these out. It was hard, but the right thing to do.)