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29 days left?!


I’m still squaring up.


Like, STILL squaring up. Turns out that this Sparkle Punch quilt isn’t so much 80 blocks plus some edges, it’s like, 80 times 4 blocks plus some edges. I’ve been working hard core on this the whole long weekend, and…am still not particularly close to a quilt top. Goal! Quilt top by Friday! Or bust!

Also I have to do a quilt guild nametag by Saturday morning, which has been kind of a stumper. I dislike embroidery. Reeeeally dislike. This is surprising given how much I like handwork, I know. I used steem-a-seam to applique some fabric letters, thinking I’d blanket-stitch around the edges to applique, but it may look super-sloppy on a small scale. We’ll see what I come up with.

Besides Sparkle Punch and nametag, my Handmade Christmas 2012 list looks like this:

1) Fire Drill quilt: finish handquilting (half done), trim, bind

2) aprons: have 5 complete, need 1 (possibly 2) more

3) quilted totes: need 2

4) makeup rolls: need 3

Can I do it? We’ll see. I keep picking up my Honey Cowl to knit at the end of the day (handquilting can be so physically exhausting) so I’m going to have to shape up if I’m going to pull it off.

Lastly, Thanksgiving! It was awesome. I hosted my SIL and her new husband here, and we had a low-key, low-stress dinner. And yes, I bought a Honeybaked Turkey Breast, and I am not ashamed; in fact, I am proud. I’m happy that all the leftovers are gone as of yesterday. And I’m happy the weather cooperated for a little outside jaunt to Breakheart, to walk off some of those homemade rolls.