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When I started out needing a crafty hobby back in 2009-early 2010, I picked quilting. I needed a new hobby because I was moving to the Netherlands, where I knew I’d be oven-less, and filling my time with baked goods just wasn’t going to be an option. I quit my publishing job to follow my husband’s postdoc to Groningen, and, frankly, I knew I’d pull out all my hairs if I didn’t have a hobby. I knew two things: knitters were weird. (Still haven’t changed my opinion on that one, but “weird” is much more a positive thing to me now than it was then. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) ย And I didn’t want to wear any garments I had managed to sew. And everyone needs quilts! Especially in the Netherlands where it’s 50 degrees F in August! IF you’re lucky!

So quilts it was.

Until now!


You’ll, of course, forgive the dark, gloomy November photo, the Fisher Price rotary phone in the background, and the fact that yes, I am indeed wearing leggings as pants. This Tova? A watershed moment, much like quitting my job in 2010 was. I can sew something wearable! Something I’m proud to wear, that feels like “mine.”

Parts of it were a little difficult for beginner-garment-sewing-me, sure. I almost died when putting the inset in the front is like, step 2. I sewed that placket on in Step 1, felt pretty capable, and then my jaw dropped when I had to do those gathers and pin that whole thing together and then SEW IT all together in Step 2. And it’s not perfect. And I skipped the sleeves, because I’m a weenie. But! But, it’s lovely and I’ve loved wearing it today.

Another first: my first knit.


I made the “One Skein, One Night, Seed Stitch Tall Cowl”ย from knitandbake, which I, of course, found on Pinterest. Was I nuts to choose this as my first knit? Probably. Did it ever work out, though! Here’s the thing about knitting in the round: I didn’t have to worry about my stitches all falling off the circular needle. You just keep knitting, around and around, knit purl, then purl your knits, knit your purls, blammo. Of course this isn’t perfect either. The gauge in my first eight rows or so is totally off, and the yarn is all frayed in the beginning because I started knitting backwards (don’t ask) and had to pull out all my work.

I’m so happy with this cowl. I’ve found an excuse to wear what my husband calls my “hipster neckwarmer” every day since I finished it.

To new things! To wearing my work! And to awkward bathroom-mirror self-portraits! (And Fisher Price rotary phones, boy, the hit of the day around here.)


I’m linking up to Finish It Up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts. I LOVE clicking through all the links every Friday! Go make some clicks too!