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We’re OK!

NEB closed, like most MA businesses at the request of Gov. Patrick, so Nate was off work today. Happily, we had power all day. (knock wood for tonight.) More happily, and thanks to Lucy’s Halloween tutu and pumpkin (who knew it was so much fun to carry candy around while wearing a tutu? Seriously, hours and hours of fun), I spent a big chunk of my day at the sewing machine. I managed to finish all of my Fire Drill blocks:

I’m working hard to get this top totally pieced by the next meeting of quilt guild, so I can have a new quilt project for show and tell. Piecing this has been not a picnic, but it hasn’t been too awful difficult either. I look at this picture and think, man, it looks like I worked hard. Sure I did work hard, but…this wasn’t any kind of tricky, either. The result is so classic and lovely but also just a touch different. Prediction: more people will make this in 2013, and it’ll become a modern quilting classic a la wonky crosses or similar. Truth.

I also finished my “one-night, easy, seed-stitch cowl,” aka My First Knit. It’s LOVELY. Pics this week? This afternoon while watching Call the Midwife I finished tacking down the binding on my Spinning Stars quilt, so I also need to post a wrapup of that one. Preview: I don’t hate it anymore.

I wrote myself a little to-do list for this week, and it’s hysterical. In all senses. I just counted the weeks until the mail-for-Christmas deadline and I’ve got to make about 1.5 gifts (aprons/pillow covers) per week to make my deadlines! Plus, seeing as how the Fire Drill is for my MIL and I’ve never made ANYTHING for my own momma, I’d like to get her a quilt in the works for Christmas (I’m thinking the Grass quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts, only in teal/turquoise; I’ll call it “Sky”?). I’d also like to join in on the Value Added QAL by doing a version of Badskirt’s Bargain Basement. And there’s the issue of my quilt guild nametag. And my Tova. And the knitting, which is becoming a new, insane problem.

So if I’m not here, I’m either keeled over from exhastion. Or I am at the sewing machine. 🙂