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I do SO like that Sam-I-am. 🙂

Yesterday was Nate’s work Halloween party. Every year I am AMAZED by how much they pull out the stops for this thing. They have beer and wine for the grown-ups, a huuuge spread of snacky foods, piles of candy and treats for the kiddos, a pumpkin carving contest, cornholing, a donut eating contest–and these people do not kid around about their costumes. I maybe saw one other homemade costume running around the place–most of the others were very elaborate and impressive.

Lucy, who does not yet particularly care what she is for Halloween, recently became infatuated with Green Eggs and Ham. I have green-eggs-and-ham’ed until I am blue in the face. She can say “HAMMMMMM” in a bizarre voice. I thought this would be a precious costume that reflects her right-this-second interests.

I think I bought 1/2 a yard of yellow felt (72”) and 1/4 yard of red. Then some felt scraps of white, green, and black to make the eggs and ham. Taking a cue from a costume I found on Pinterest, I made a little wrist strap for her plate of eggs and ham. Lucy still wasn’t crazy about carrying the eggs and ham so people thought she was a gnome.

Still, a little gnome in a tall red hat is pretty durn cute, so whatever. I am trying to make an annual tradition out of Lucy-in-her-costume-with-her-Daddy-at-work pictures, so here’s this year’s:

Crappy lighting (mix of natural and artificial light gets the camera every time!) and Sam has her mouth full. Of sugar, no doubt. Still, her costume turned out cute, cost about $11, and took a hour or so to make. I’d do it again!