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Pardon the silence here. We’ve gone through a few minor changes this weekend: we’re now a 2-car family (hooray! no more driving husband to work and picking him up on days that Lucy needs to go to the Little Gym), and we have a new dining room table and chairs. Funny how having all those books forces one to downsize in other ways. Because my “sewing space” is also our eating space, my sewing space has changed, too.

We went pumpkin picking. Yeah, my 18-month-old says “pumpkin” AND “jack-o-lantern.” I love the long stem on my big pumpkin, and don’t think I can bring myself to carve it. Lu’s pumpkin is destined for pie (it’s a special variety of pie pumpkin) but shhh don’t tell.

And I made that Teacup Apron from Sew Liberated. In Liberty prints natch, for a special friend who’s a modernist. Couldn’t resist some Bloomsbury Gardens prints for a fellow Woolf-y.

I know this picture is blurred to heck, but I love how it is a quiet, still space full of things I chose and made and love. And if you haven’t bought your pumpkin yet…do it. now.

Sewing hard! I hope I can come up for air from all of this week’s stitching to show more brag pictures.