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Thursday into Friday, we had a little ol’ flu scare.

Not. fun. Especially for Momma, who cleaned-fed-clothed-laundered-Lysol’ed-consoled (Lucy did NOT understand why Daddy was shut in the bedroom by himself! Why no Lucy love?) for 48 hours, solo. There’s not enough wine in the world.

Saturday Nate woke up feeling better. So I dragged him to the outlets in Kittery, ME and spent a bunch of money at the J. Crew. And I made him go get Chipotle. And we drank a bottle of Pinot Grigio. And on Sunday, I put my foot down and I cut and sewed.


I rotary cut and then pieced and then hand quilted until my hands and wrists were stiff and swollen. I’ve never been happier. On the cutting board/in piecing: my Fire Drill quilt, cut using the templates I won in EH’s blog giveaway. “In quilting” is my Spinning Stars quilt which is looking MUCH better with some block rearrangement and tons of hand-quilting. No sneak peeks; you’ll just have to trust me. It’s going to be gorgeous.


I’ll post more this week about piecing the Fire Drill, but cutting it? Whoo dogies, this one’s intense. I chose a rather involved color scheme so it doesn’t really have to be this bad, but by the time I got all my little strips rationed into bags, I felt like some kind of drug dealer.

Eh, fabric. Drugs. Same diff sometimes. Digging in the stash certainly improved my weekend!