but most days, I’m the fence. You know, the one that the velociraptors systematically test for weaknesses?

After I got done cleaning up the cottage cheese avocado deli turkey mess that my toddler made at lunch, picked up all the books strewn about the apartment, and put all the foods back in the pantry, I put the little ‘raptor down for a reeeeaaally long nap. And I turned on the TV. And pulled out this little scrappy rainbow pillow top I’m rushing to finish.


I’m also trying my hand at blogging from the ol’ iPad. It makes fairly crummy pictures, but on days when I don’t even have the energy to open the laptop (much less find it take a picture upload the picture resize the picture blah blah), I love the ease of snap, blog, and go.

Hoping to have a finished pillow to show off tomorrow, and later this week, a post about holiday crafting!