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Stash-Up 2012 has begun this week. So far this week I’ve placed two smallish orders; I’ve got 2-4 more in planning for next week. My goal is to get STASHED UP. The kind of stashed up where I don’t have major color gaps (my biggies right now are red, orange, and purple) and where I can spur-of-the-moment start almost any project from stash.

Yes, I told my husband.

In all this thinking about what fabrics I don’t have, I took a little break and looked at what I do have. I labor under this delusion that I don’t even HAVE any scraps, I use them up all the time, la la la, remember those scrappy pillows? Only, I dumped out the scrap bag and had this:

And then I dug around in my pile from my momma (I knew she had some purple; d’you know I’ve never bought one. single. bit. of purple fabric? Weird.)

 Why, yes, I know this pile from my mom makes me an *excellent* prospective scrap vomit scrap swap partner. I’m keeping my eye peeled for another swap.

With this and this in my head, and with a little sorting, a little sewing, ironing, and trimming, and much “help” from my chief 17-month-old scrap sorter (who did not nap today), I have the below. Deadline for having this pillow cover DONE, quilted and backed and everything, is Wednesday. I think I’ll probably make it.

Here’s hoping the seam allowances don’t eat most of my little colorful corners…