I’ve finished my Spinning Stars blocks, though I haven’t yet set them. Whew. Feeling very love-hate about this project.


(Feeling mostly hate-hate about the tiny apartment/crummy cloudy weather that makes any size quilt IMPOSSIBLE to photograph. Also: didn’t I reproduce so I’d have someone around, all, the time, to do my bidding? When will this child be big enough to hold up quilts?)

Here’s what I wish: 1) That I’d had enough of that Lecien Folk Heart in the center stars to do ALL the C block stars. I bought that on clearance! I should have bought bunches and bunches. Lesson learned. For $5 or less a yard, STOCK. UP. The end result is a little too scrappy for my taste. 2) That I’d turned the steam OFF of my iron waaaay earlier in the project. I finally wised up by blocks 5-9, and they were less baggy in the center. I originally thought it was the A pennant-shaped pieces stretching and acting wrong, but I ended up believing it was those pesky C pieces, with that long bias edge.

All in all, though I’m happy to have done this project and used up some more of my Peacock Lane fabric. Even if this ends up as a utility quilt rather than a show off quilt like some of the gorgeous ones people have done on Flickr, I’m okay with utility. I used scraps! (Like, not even stash, but pieces I’d already been cutting on!) I’ll use and use and use and love it, instead of badgering people not to put their feet on it/please not to NO PLEASE DON’T wipe their snotty noses and chocolatey mouths on it/don’t drip soy sauce on it.

And I think I’ve learned some priceless lessons about bias edges.