Six sick chicks tick. Six sick wonky blocks tock.

Not much to say except…still trucking! Still struggling! Today I turned the steam OFF of my iron (why did it take me this long to try this?), did NOT spray starch, and came out with one wonky, and one less-wonky block. So…is it just luck? Or what?

I’ll be glad to see the end of this one. I’m not so frustrated that I can’t see that this will be a lovely bright cheerful quilt, though. I LOVE how saturated and bright the colors are, something I’ll be grateful for this Massachusetts winter (can you smell it? It’s coming).

Off to lay out the last three blocks. Maybe I can knock them out this weekend, pin this thing, and put it to rest. I’m thinking an easy project next. And then another challenge. (Elizabeth Hartman’s Fire Drill quilt, yes?)